Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fun fun fun!

I've tweaked up my blog even more....with PaGeS!!! yay!!!

Not much in there- though if your reading this please leave a comment on the Guestbook! 

For the About Me page, I chose some inspirational and representing-me pics from my iPod.

I'm thinking about adding a page that I had on Pinksea (old blog). It was called Q&A and I requested questions which I would answer in a post. I was randomly on Pinksea today and saw that somebody has asked me a question back in August '09. (What's your favorite thing about Ramadan?) So...should I make another page? Idk.....we'll see.

Happy Easter to all Christians! I hope your day is lovely!


  1. Wow, nice theme! Looks very fresh.

  2. Thanks! I figured it was time for some change :)