Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Open Houses!

One fun thing about graduating high school is attending tons of open houses! I *only* went to about 10, saying only since most people go to a LOT more and I was surely invited to way more than that. But I dropped by a few of my close friends and really enjoyed the casual, fun atmosphere that inspired good conversation and really closed off high school.

A few of my favorite things about the open houses I attended:

1) Chocolate fountains!
I mean really...chocolate fountains are amazing things. :) My favorite is strawberries covered in chocolate, but I enjoyed the variety of things people had to offer (bananas, pineapple, pound cake).

But really, food in general in open houses is pretty good.

2) Attention to Detail
Take a fun picture of yourself with the polaroid camera and leave a note!

Most open houses take place in someone's home and have a wide array of hours where people can just drop in, say hi, and grab some food. People really go out of their way to make their open houses cute and fun looking though. Above is one of my friend's labels for her cheese! Lots of accomplishment tables and fancy slideshows and picture sequences are found in every house, which is always fun!

3) Good Weather :)

This isn't the most beautiful picture ever's peaceful :)
Beginning of June is a beautiful time here and almost all the open houses I went to had some sort of outside aspect and it was so nice to sit in nice weather with childhood friends with fun food. Good weather just makes your mood so much brighter :)

4) Hearty Conversation
As I said in my previous post, graduation was a bittersweet time for me. Saying goodbye to people and places you've spent your whole life with can be difficult and sad. But spending time with people in these parties and talking about our future plans and other more random topics really created a smooth transition into summer in some weird way. I'm glad that sort of tradition exists because even if graduating High School isn't that big of a deal now, these parties are a fun way just to appreciate the time and experiences we had together. :)


  1. We don't have the concept of open houses here but sounds like you had so much fun!

    1. It was! Open houses are a common Eid party structure here too. Many families will host open houses after Eid namaz where you just drop by, have some food, and talk to others who came in at the same time. :)