Saturday, May 17, 2014

Exams, Estudiar, and Ends

These are kind of in a random order so sorry about that. But here's some random updates from the last 2 months :)

Studying studying studying and more studying for AP exams. This is an Econ practice exam I believe (supply/demand graph? haha) with my fun tricolor pencil

Drew fruit outlines for my nephew and discovered my drawing skills are pretty terrible :D

There is a canal walk about 30 minutes away from my house that is really nice to walk through. My parents and sister went on it a few weeks ago and also got this beautiful picture :) 

Filling out biodata for exams. This question is always funny because technically I know English waaaay better than Urdu (considering I fluently write, speak, read English whereas I can only fluently speak Urdu and reading/writing is like 2nd grade level) but occasionally still put this slightly false answer :p

The biggest event the Student Government at my high school does was in April. It's a Dance Marathon for our local Children's Hospital. This year we raised $23,900 which was's bittersweet to do something you've done for 4 years for the last time (although the college I'm going to raises million for the same cause through the same event, but I'm not sure if I'll be involved with it there).

One thing that really helped us raise $23,900 was a video that got national news attention and ended up raising about $4,000 alone. This is a shot from above when ABC News wanted to record us for their #AmericaStrong segment...very very cool.

We went on a Field Trip to an international market nearby called Jungle Jims. They had sugar cane! It was really cheap so I bought one green and one purple one...ironically the green one (which is the more common variant in Pakistan) was not as sweet as the purple one. Florida Sugar Cane is different I guess?

New phone! :) haha which may be why i have more random pictures from just the last 2 months alone :)

After AP Exams = how several classes will be now. (others find this the perfect time to bombard us with projects :/)

End of AP exam celebration! AP Exams are ~3 hour exams for AP classes. If you pass an AP exam, you can get college credit for that specific class which equals money and time saved. After 2 weeks and 7 exams, several of my friends and I went to Orange Leaf (Frozen Yogurt!) after school to celebrate. :) Only 2 weeks until graduation!

End of class = Maria completely lost in her phone. haha...

Pesto Cavatappi (spelling? haha) and Thai Curry Soup from Noodles and Company with my sister. :) This along with Qdoba and Panera are some of favorite places to eat out together. Fun stuff

Next time this type of post comes along it will probably be filled with COLLEGE COLLEGE COLLEGE. :) Only two weeks until High School graduation! It's a bittersweet time that is flying by...interested to see what the next several months bring. :)

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