Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pinterest Straw Nail Fail

So this will be a little different than most of nail posts because actually it's a big 'ole failure. haha...my sister would say this post describes me perfectly because I fail at a lot of things :p

I saw this pin the other day while on Pinterest, and I didn't even pin it, thinking it was so simple I could surely do it one day! (okay, it wasn't this exact pin but same idea)

I hadn't seen this exact pin, so when I sat down to it I had the brilliant idea of doing red and blue nail polish for 4th of July coming up soon (American Independence day...is that common international knowledge?). Really brilliant unique idea, ya know? :p I'm sure nobody else has thought of that.

The first fail came in through, though, when I realized the only blue I have is teal. I've used it on this blog before...looks like this
left one is the closest thing to blue I own...yay
Oh well, not a big deal right? I grabbed two sizes of straws and even some silver nail polish to add a fun sparkly flair to it.

First, white base. Which, by the way, looks a little creepy on its own. (these are my room colors, I thought it would make a fun picture)

Now time for the straws! First of all, you aren't supposed to DIP your straw into the nail polish. That will result in a blob of nail polish. So I started brushing it on the straw and then putting it on my nail. A little, tiny bit better. 
...but not really (sorry about the quality)
Okay, the blue wasn't even really blue to start off with. Maybe the red will look nicer?
I'm kindda stubborn about doing my nails. Well I'm actually pretty "kindda stubborn" about most things, so I kept doing these although I was pretty well aware that it was a really big failure.
At one point I just started putting blobs down...might as well purposely make it look more messy
As I my friend said, "hahaha wow. That's....pretty bad"

So it's kindda hard to tell, but I think the silver (which I used the bigger straw with) actually ended up more like a circle. Maybe I shouldve just used the big straw. But the picture surely uses a small straw. So i'm not quite 100% sure what i did wrong to mess up on the easiest nail tutorial EVER. :D
I thought this picture wasn't clear enough, and it surely looks a tad bit nicer if you can see that I did get SOME circles

nah....still looks terrible
I think I'll change it to my nails alternating solid red white and blue tomorrow. :) That shouldn't be too hard...


  1. Sorry, it does look pretty bad, but I love your determination! :)

    Perhaps, you were supposed to wait for each application to dry off completely before adding in the next design?

    1. haha I appreciate the honesty, and thank you! That seems like a reasonable idea, and it was probably part of the reason it was such a mess. But using the straw as a tool didn't really work out in the first place. Maybe I should invest in some actual nail polish applying dot tools :p

  2. Just stopping by to check on how you are doing. Have a great weekend!

    1. awh you are so sweet! :) I am doing well...just very busy. I will *hopefully* post in about a week when I have fall break (yay!).