Monday, February 20, 2012

Failures and other things :)


So....NaBlaPoMo kindda failed.

It really wasn't the wisest idea to try doing it during final exam month.

In other news, I am putting the "pro" in procrastination but doing very random things and avoiding a good amount of homework I must do.

Like surfing Pininterest!

My sister told me about this app...mostly all I do on it is surf the "DIY and Crafts" section, and find super cool idea for random things: from hanging scarves to making flowers!

Like this one:

 Here's my rendition of that:
Super easy to make!

I also made two rings yesterday. I love big, obnoxious rings and kind of broke my pink one :(

I was also trying to make a teeka-ish thing that I could wear with my hijab, but that didn't turn out too well...the ones on pearl-daisy look so nice! :)

It's President's Day (aka sleep-in-and-relax) weekend, so I've been having an amazing omelete the past three days (tomato, onion,  green chili, dhanya [coriander], desi red chilli powder, mexican red chilli powder, black pepper, dried mint leaves :D) and Jalapeno Chicken noodles (+ hot sauce and lemon juice). It's been quite fantabulous.
They look a lot spicier than they were....

Some other things from this weekend:
My friend was doing another friend's I started doing henna :D

Finally got an email from my favorite university! :D PSAT/PLAN scores = tons of sister was like "did you get accepted" when I excitedly told her I got an email from Butler. We'll get there too Inshallah :)

and now I shall begin my homework :)