Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to Make Symbols! ♥♥Valentine's Day Special!♥♥

How to make symbols!
**BEFORE YOU START make sure you have a numeric keypad***
(above) Numeric Keypad

Press ALT and HOLD IT! :)

Press a number on the numeric keypad..

LET GO! :) You should have a symbol! :)
 Click on the picture below to view more symbol codes
...basically every number has a symbol. :) 

if you don't have a numeric keypad, your probably on a laptop.
On your laptop, there should be a numeric keypad "hidden" within the letters.
Here's how to make symbols with a laptop and "no" numeric keypad!!!

Step 1:
Find two keys on your laptop: the fn key and the num lock (num lk) key.
(the Fn key is normally next to the Alt key, like the picture above)

(the Num Lk key is normally on 
the upper right hand corner)

**If the Num Lock key is a different color than
the letters of your keyboard, or has a box around it, you will need to press Fn + Num lock. if there is not box around it or it is not a different shade, just press Num Lock.

A light should come on!

next, find the "hidden" numbers on your keyboard.

They are mostly located by the 789, U I O, JKL, M area like in the picture above.

Once you have found the "hidden" numeric keypad, turned on Num Lock, 
then you can proceed as normal.

Use the "hidden" numeric keypad with the alt key to make symbols!



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