Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dissapointed :(

I'm kindda dissapointed. 

I live in an area where all the paki population is so small that everyone knows eachother.

And there are about 4 girls around my age that i always hang out with. (yes ONLY four)

1 of them had a b-day party recently. (like today)

And LC wasn't invited.

And i'm not greatly UPSET or CRYING or anything. :D just dissapointed.
 I mean i can't expect much 4m them when i tell EVERYONE that my best friends are my nonmuslim friends; Even my sis agrees that my nonmuslim friends are like the sweetest people in the world. Certainly better than the 4 muslim paki friends i have in my town. 

But still...it's dissapointing. :(

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