Saturday, August 29, 2009

7 hours.....

I am soooooooooo hungry! I had gotten used to it in one week...sehri, sleep, school, sleep, iftari, tarawi, sleep (sounds like a lot of sleep-but it's only 30 min-4 hours each) but now with the whole day in front of me...i am so bored and hungry!!!!! ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Well, let me try to keep myself entertained for another 7 hours...:P


  1. Usually when I'm done with the more blessed deeds, I watch anime to pass the time. :D

    Anyway, a question, why migrate from wordpress?

  2. That's a very good idea! :P i need to get into the game and start extra praying/etc.!!! (this weekend i reread harry potter #5 :P)

    btw, what is anime???

    ummm....well i'll give u a short answer and then maybe turn it into a post later. actually wordpress is pretty nice, but i liked a couple of blogspot blogs (they were pretty!) and i also like who you could change the color/font of the post in between. (if u noticed i did that a lot in this post) Some girlish teenage thing in me. Also, you can change the html layout of your blog for free. On wordpress, it costs money. If you look up on the header, i changed the header background, and removed a circular green thing that was part of the theme!
    it's only been a week...lets c if i end up liking blogspot or not!

  3. oooh, makes me hungry and tired just to READ it!

  4. heehee. :) my mom brought home chocolate chip muffins...i want them very much!! :)
    3 more hours now...